Monday, 14 May 2012

All about cars...

Writing target: spelling

Cars are world famous. Cars go very fast it can go upto 300speed. Sports cars look very stylish. Cars are also very costly some cars are 1,00,000,000!! RS. Some people buy the costly cars. Formula cars can go really really  fast . Some people like the sporty look of the cars and the high speed. People who like sporty looks of cars and high speed, they make the cars stylish by sticking tattoos . Some cars have nitro boosters .If a car has nitro boosts, the car can go very very very fast!! .

Sunday, 6 May 2012



reading journal

horrid henry tricks on the tooth fairy
how do you think you  will feel at the end of the book 
i think horried henry will got his teeth 
skim and scan 
 missed lost , wonderful awesome , look see , garden park, tooth teeth

Monday, 16 April 2012


I had a lot of fun in my holydays something like THIS!!!!!......
First I played a lot with my frends .Then I played ps2 with my brother.later i walk around my HOUSE...afterwords after 3 days i went to anthor MOVIE. i saw 2 MOVIES.
.then I WAS SICK. i got feawoler.
i got 101.2 temprtur. i was fealins ilniss.and my dad bring non veg food for me and a cold drink . but i was not aloud to eat non veg food and cold drink because i hade feawer.
but i drink some cold drink

                                                out side

i saw tow movies .againt vonad and battel ship. againt voind i saw at abaids and battel ship i saw at inox . i like battel ship more than againt vonad .than i went to play foot ball with my FRIENDS. then my brother also came to play with ME. then we play for a 30 MIuITES. then i hade a tution i was working in my tution for a haur.

i saw maney MOVEIS LIKE. gost rider, dabang, don 2, iron man and some habadardade movies.
then i saw cartoons like tom and jerry, BHEEM, ninga hattori and oggy and THE COCRACHIES .in last i went to HOSPITAL. in last night of my holaday i finiesd my home that’s how my holydas went .and i came to school the next day

Thursday, 29 March 2012

                                          Charlie in the chocolate factory

                  Roald Dahl

- There was a poor boy Charlie living with his family. He loved to eat chocolates. Mr. Willy Wonka is a famous owner of chocolates and kept 5 golden wrappers in 5 chocolates which are found by 4 annoying kids and lastly charlie.After a series of consequences which happend in the factory there is only charlie left without doing any mischief. So at last as said Mr.Willy Wonka hands his factory to charlie making him the owner of that factory and his relatives as guardians....